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Mud Lake Historical Society

Membership Form

Did you know that we receive no outside funding except from generous donations from people like you and an occasional grant?


Download a Membership Form and become a member of the Mud Lake Historical Society today!

Through your membership, we are able to continue the work of preserving our heritage and keep our museum doors open.

Individual Membership:



A Few of the Benefits of Becoming a Member:
*You will receive updates on Upcoming Events

*You will be invited to Member-only and other special events.

*You are helping preserve the History of Mud Lake and the surrounding areas.


Did you know your donations to the Mud Lake Historical Society & Museum may be tax-deductible? We are a 501-C3 non-profit organization staffed with all volunteers who spend countless hours preserving our history and promoting museum programs and events.



If you would like to become a member of The Mud Lake Historical Society please mail this form and your dues to:


Mud Lake Historical Society

1097 E 1500 N

Terreton, ID 83450

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